Gold Coins of the World-Prior Editions

GCW1.jpg Gold Coins of the World-1st ed. (1958) 0871843013 $37.50

The original 1958 edition by Robert Friedberg that revolutionized the collecting of world gold coins. 384 pages. Shows signs of wear. MOst books are without dust jacket.

GCw2.jpg Gold Coins of the World-2nd ed. (1965) 0871843021 $25.00

The second (1965) edition with revisions by Jack Friedberg. 416 pages. Shows signs of wear.

GCW3.jpg Gold Coins of the World-3rd ed. (1971) 087184303x $25.00

The third (1971)edition with revisions by Jack Friedberg. 428 pages. Used condition.

9780871843098 Gold Coins of the World - 9th ed ISBN: 978-087184-309-8 $89.95

9th edition

by Arthur L. Friedberg & Ira S. Friedberg
based on the original work by
Robert Friedberg

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On 5 Continents.
In more than 50 countries.
Wherever gold coins are bought and sold.
The unique standard reference.
New. Revised. Expanded.
Now, bigger and more complete than ever!


This indispensible classic includes:
832 pages, completely revised and updated.
More than 8,000 photos, nearly all of them new.
22,000+ listings of coin types, with sections expanded and many new discoveries.
• From the 6th century B.C. to date — over 2,500 years of gold coinage from ancient Greece to Zanzibar.
The universally-used FriedbergTMNumbering System: The world’s standard method of cataloging, describing, buying and selling gold coins.
Contemporary (post-1950) coinage now integrated in alphabetical order with all other issues.
Tables of weight and fineness with each country. Market valuations in two states of preservation.
A directory of the world’s leading gold coin dealers and auction houses.
Unsurpassed in content and scope. A must for every collector, dealer and library.
Hard cover, sewn binding. 11 3/4 x 8 1/4 inches (A4)

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